1st August 2018

Venue: Zeras Industries, Haydock, WA11 9UY

This course is open to both Trade and Public.

“Very informative and useful course, didn’t realise just to the extent asbestos was used. Always been told it was a nasty product, but this really opened my eyes!”
— D Royle, Builder

What is Asbestos?


Asbestos has been attractive to the construction industry because of its physical strength, thermal and electrical insulation properties, non-combustibility and resistance to chemical erosion.

Blue and brown asbestos are the two most dangerous forms and have been banned in the UK since 1985. White asbestos has been banned from general use since 1999. Although it is still used for a small number of specialised applications.

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Awareness training


It is staggering the number of stories and enquiries we receive where asbestos is still needlessly disturbed or people potentially exposed because of people who have not received the appropriate awareness training.

Now, through the Be Aware programme our supporters have a banner to deliver free awareness training to provide the needed information to help prevent harm.

These courses are open to all, trades and the public, to help try and raise the awareness of asbestos further and in turn prevent needless asbestos exposure.



mavis nye foundation

The Mavis Nye Foundation was created to inspire victims of mesothelioma, an asbestos related terminal Cancer. To give hope to fellow victims and show a light at the end of the tunnel .

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Zeras industries

Zeras Industries are a fully Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor based in the North West of England, offering a full range of asbestos services, including:

  • Management,
  • Removal,
  • Surveying
  • Training.

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Top Notch Contractors Ltd  was formed in 1986 and currently directly employs over 100 people. Their head office is based in Carlisle with a regional branch offices based in St Helens, offering a full range of construction services to clients accross the UK.

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REC Ltd  is an environmental consultancy offering seamless advice, alongside full asbestos consultancy services, contaminated land investigation and remediation, geotechnical design and assessment, design and installation of renewable energy systems, ecology, acoustics, air quality impact assessments and workplace risk assessments.

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